Bicepscurl Resistance Band

Training details

  • Primary Muscle
  • Equipment
    Resistance Bands
  • Level

Why should you do biceps curl with resistance bands?

Resistance bands are great both at home and on the go making working out very easy. Resistance bands do not take up unnecessary space while they can give you a lot of lactic acid and metabolic stress. It is difficult to do heavy lifts and build large muscles with resistance bands, but they are excellent for beginners, as rehab, on the go or as the final exercise for a muscle you have already done some heavy lifting with. The difference between lifting with a dumbbell is that the resistance is inverted, it is most difficult at the top when the resistance band is tight whereas for a dumbbell it is most difficult in the bottom position.

Guide for Bicepscurl Resistance Band

  • Slowly pull up the rubber bands
  • Hold on tight on the way down
  • Your elbows should be fixed to the side of your body throughout the movement
  • Do not lift your shoulders towards your ears during the lift
  • Make sure that the rubber band is always a little tight so that the biceps can not relax

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