Alternating Biceps Curl

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Muscle groups and purpose for Alternating Biceps Curl

Alternating bicep curls stimulates the biceps and helps you build bigger and stronger arms. Although the triceps represents the largest muscle mass in the arm, exercising the biceps can also help with an increased range and especially with an even definition of your arms. The arm exercise is an isolation exercise and let’s not forget, a favorite of many in the gym!


To perform alternating biceps curls, grab two suitable dumbbells and sit down on a sloping bench. You can also sit on a bench that is straight, or without a backrest, but we prefer this starting position. On an inclined bench, it is easier to lower the forearm to a fully extended starting position. Rotate the forearm so that you are sitting with your little finger against the bench and your thumb in a straight line outwards. Activate the torso and push your chest up.

Start by lifting one dumbbell from the starting position in a controlled motion. Lift the weight without rocking it. Bend the arm to full bend, but keep the thumb and little finger in the same position, and the grip stable. Stay in the top position and squeeze the biceps for about half a second before slowly starting to move down to the starting position. Then lift the other dumbbell with the same movement and repeat until you have reached the desired number of reps.

Guide for Alternating Biceps Curl

  • Pull back the shoulders and pull your shoulder blades togheter, push the chest forward
  • Your elbows should be fixed to the side of your body throughout the movement
  • Do not throw the dumbbells up. The exercise should be done in a controlled manner and it is very important to have constant muscle contact
  • You should not rock your upper body during the movement, take a lighter weight if you have to move it
  • Load up on the eccentric and really control on the way down for every single rep.
  • Let your shoulders down throughout the ears by maintaining a great posture during the lift

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