Hanging Leg Raise

Training details Hanging Leg Raise

  • Primary Muscle
    Inner Abs, Straight Abs, Forearms
  • Secondary Muscle
    Obliques, Lats
  • Equipment
    Body weight
  • Level

Guide for Hanging leg raises

  • Targets the straight abs really good, your legs are only there as “weights”
  • Use a pronated grip
  • Bend your knees if you want an easier version
  • Lift your knees or straight legs more than 90 degrees from the floor
  • Do not just drop your legs on the way back, the eccentric phase is very important
  • Curl your pelvis upwards so it gets in front of your body to target the abs even more
  • Do not swing your entire body. Lift in a controlled matter with your abs
  • If you want even more resistance you can use a ball what you squeeze between your feet

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