Training details for Plank

  • Primary Muscle
    Inner Abs, Straight Abs
  • Secondary Muscle
    Obliques, Gluteus, Lower back, Middle back
  • Equipment
    Body weight
  • Level

Guide to do Plank

  • Isometric exercise, your should keep the same position during the exercise with no movement
  • Lay down with your belly on the ground
  • Stand up on all four with your toes shoulder width apart and also on your palms or elbows. If you stand up on your palms your upper back will work a little bit more and you might fatigue in those muscles before your abs run out which is not the purpose of the exercise. Stand on your elbows instead if this happens with your entire forearms pressed on the ground
  • Your entire body should be in one straight line, do not arch your back or lift your butt up to high
  • Tilt your pelvis to contract your abs even more
  • Do not drop your upper back in between your shoulder blades, push it up against the roof
  • Keep your neck in the same straight line as the rest of your body, do not look upwards
  • Do not forget to breath as normal as your can during the exercise

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