Training Section in MyGreatness

This is the section where you can find all exercises, workouts and complete training programs. You also log your training in this section. If you are a premium member you can start a Challenge and compete with or against your friends. It the top picture you will see how many steps and workouts you have done today, last week, last 30 days and this year. The section is divided into 8 parts and buttons.

Start Workout:

Just as the button says, start a new already created workout with this button.

Create Workout:

If you want to create your own workout use this button. Name, describe it and add exercises to it. You can also choose if you want to show it to everybody in the app or keep it private.


Start one and challenge your friends and see who can make the most workouts in 30 days, lift the most weight at the gym during 30 days or if everybody can burn 100 000 calories from training. You need to be premium for this part.

My Training Log:

Here you can see all of your logged workouts and how you have performed exercises in them.

Training Programs:

We have many created Training Programs that serves different goals. Choose the one that is right for you from the list.


Lots of different workouts can be found here. Some of them are included in certain Training Programs but many are also stand alone thet serves a specific purpose such as Upper Body och just Legs. Do not miss the 30 min long video workouts in the list, you need to be premium to use them.


A long list that will inspire and guide you. You can segment the list based on body parts

Activity level:

This part is to calculate a correct amount of calories that you burn when you are not doing exercise. The more active your lifestyle, besides training, the more calories you burn.

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